Areas of responsibility

As an interdisciplinary team, we cover a broad spectrum of competences and subject areas:

  • Urban and spatial planning 
  • Traffic planning 
  • Environmental and open space planning 
  • Fundamentals of building, planning and environmental law 
  • Science and research 
  • Geoinformation and Surveying (GIS) 
  • International orientation 
  • CAD tools (GIS, Vectorworks, Photoshop)

Main focus

Sustainable inner development 

urban components and types (bottom-up analysis) 



What defines our company is a respectful and unprejudiced dealing with clients, customers and all fellow human beings. Open communication within the team and with our clients is essential. We work together as a team and complement each other.

We stand for sustainability and climate protection. A high level of environmental awareness and environmentally oriented behaviour are very important to us. In everyday life, in our work and in our concepts, we identify with sustainable development, climate-friendly behaviour and always want to implement this.

Quality over quantity! . Every order, concept and analysis represents a new task that we examine individually and in great detail. We adjust our extensive work precisely to the customer´s request and remain flexible in responding to changes and improvements. We always want to remain flexible and respond to changes or improvements in the best possible way.